Label It with Kidecals

Disclosure 600Do you remember when you were in middle school and you had to have your mom sew name labels on your PE clothes? Do you remember the deadline for having your name on your clothes came without you actually doing it and you wrote your name on that plain white shirt with mascara to avoid losing points? Well, put down that mascara, because now you can just buy name labels from Kidecals and call it a day.

Kidecals Labels Giveaway Overload

What I wouldn’t have given for easy stick-on labels for everything when I was in school. What didn’t we have to label? I’m homeschooling my son this year, but there’s still plenty to label. DVDs, books, certain toys, and clothing are all on the list. Socks may hold the record for disappearing, but coats and sweaters certainly try their best to escape every year. It’s the age old question… how on earth do we lose something so big?

When I read that Kidecals will survive the washing machine, the clothes dryer, and the top rack of the dishwasher, I had to find out for myself. There’s no way a sticky label could make it through the washing machine on breathable fabric, right? Right? Okay, so it made it through the washing machine AND dryer, but it’s impossible for the colors to not be faded out, right? Right? Okay, fine. Apparently the creators of Kidecals were in the top of their class at Hogwarts.

Label it, organize it, and keep it simple with Kidecals. Read my review of the chalkboard labels and the tiniest labels I've ever seen.

What about the dishwasher? I got these great chalkboard labels, and after learning that you can sharpen chalk, I can actually make them look like an adult wrote on them. I made the mistake of putting one of the labels on a mug that was bigger at the top than at the bottom, so the label wasn’t sitting right. After going through the dishwasher it was clear that the label wasn’t going to stay on. BUT! But, but, but… It remained sticky enough that I was able to put in on another container and still use it. Seriously, what are they using as an adhesive? That stuff is golden.

Some of my favorite labels are the Allergy Alert Stickers. You can stick those right on your young child’s shirts and send them off knowing that they’re waterproof and highly visible even if your child can’t vocalize or remember to tell adults that they have an allergy. I have a friend whose son is allergic to peanuts. She has the bracelet for him, but he hates wearing it. Stickers are much less bothersome.

Are you ready to customize your own labels? When you sign up for the newsletter on the website you’ll receive 15% off your next order.

Label it, organize it, and keep it simple with Kidecals. Read my review of the chalkboard labels and the tiniest labels I've ever seen.


Activz Krill Oil Review

Disclosure 600When I think of fish oil I think of the nasty liquid that my mom used to give us as kids and the taste stuck around all day. I remember the happy day when we started buying the softgels and it was awesome… until the inevitable burping brought that happy cloud down faster than you can say omega-3. Years later I’m trying again to find a fish oil that I actually want to take, and that’s when I was told about Activz krill oil.

Krill oil is a great alternative to fish oil when you need an omega-3 supplement but not the fish breath it comes with.

Earlier this year I went into my doctor to have some routine tests done, and apparently my liver is ‘angry’. How on earth did someone who doesn’t drink, smoke, or use prescription medication end up with an angry liver? Along with some good advice to improve my eating and exercise habits my doctor told me to eat more fish. Yeah, not going to happen. Ever. It’s not that I’m trying to be defiant, but I hate fish. Hate. Can’t do it. I have tried again and again. I don’t even like tuna or shrimp. It’s that bad. Read More

Dermagist Clarifying System

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I have come to the realization that not all acne is created equal. There are different kinds and different causes. Lucky us. Some are harder to get rid of. I didn’t know that until recently. I’ve tried many products over the years, and many of them have worked, but not everything works for every kind of acne. We can still be bitter about adult acne, right? Right?? I’ve used the Dermagist Clarifying system in the past with positive results, and I’m trying it again.

Not all acne is created equal. There are different kinds and causes. I'm using the Dermagist Clarifying System to combat hard-to-fight acne breakouts.

I’ve struggled with acne since I was in my early teens. Oh, the joys of middle school. So much awkwardness. I was pretty lucky because I didn’t have massive outbreaks then. THEN. I saved that for my 20’s. Do you remember watching Channel 1 in history class and seeing the commercials for skin care? “Do you want to use the same soap on your face that you use on your armpits?” They had a point, but that always made me laugh. Read More

DECOLAV Mirror Giveaway

Have you ever taken bathroom furniture and used it elsewhere in your home? I love versatile furniture that I can use to create my own, personal style. I would love to have a large mirror like this one in my entryway to take a last look as I go out the door for the day.
bathroom mirror in dining room
Newlywed Survival is hosting a giveaway this fabulous mirror from DECOLAV. One reader will get the Gavin Collection rectangular mirror in their choice of Espresso finish ($590) or Dark Walnut finish ($612). The mirror measures 24″ W x 2.25″ D x 32″ H. Just complete the easy entry below to enter, and gain extra entries with the optional entry methods shown. Giveaway Overload is not responsible for prize shipment.

Back to School with the Trio Tablet and T-Mobile 4G

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I'm using the #TabletTrio with T-mobile 4G to help our first year of homeschooling be a success. #shop

School starts next week for the resident 1st grader. While many moms are looking forward to putting the kids on the bus that first day (hello folding laundry while watching anything but Caillou!), we’re going about things a little differently this year… we’re jumping into the Hunger Homeschooling Games. In order to be successful this year, we’re going to needs a few tools. We have our curriculum ready to go, our classroom space is almost set up, and we have sharpened 437 pencils. The only thing left is a new tablet with a T-mobile data plan. Read More

Bacon Lovers Breakfast Skillet with Kraft Coupons

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This make ahead breakfast skillet helps get the kids off to school with a nutritious start to the day using Kraft coupons that are #PackedwithSavings #shop

It’s that time again! The wonderful, awful time of year when school begins, and all the baggage it brings with it. School supply lists? Check. Earlier bedtimes? Check. Nutritious breakfast choices? Ummm, say what now? Cereal is find and dandy, but for our first year of homeschooling I think we had all better be running on better fuel. A simple breakfast skillet is easy to customize and loaded with protein. With that in mind, I found some printable coupons and headed to the store. I brought along coupons for Kraft cheese, Kraft dressing, and Oscar Mayer butcher cut bacon. Read More

Save this Summer with Kraft Coupons

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

I am always looking for new and fun activities to enjoy during the summer, but costs can start to add up quickly! Saving money whenever and wherever I can is important, especially during the summer months. Kraft Foods wants to help you save money without sacrificing on great taste and quality by offering multiple HIGH value coupons worth $16.25. If you can cut back your grocery bill, that opens up the possibility for fun activities with your family and friends all summer long! Be sure to download these coupons now to begin saving! You can find all of these great deals on

Get them before they're gone! Print Kraft coupons and save up to $16. Summer's more fun when you save on snacks. #PackedwithSavings #shop Read More

$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

For over 100 years, Goodyear has been creating innovative products and services that set the technology and performance standards for the tire industry. As a recent recipient of the 2013 Women’s Choice Awards for “America’s Best” Premium Brand Tire; Tire Retailer; and Auto Service Retailer; Goodyear is continually striving to put excellent performing tires on the road, applying time-honored customer care, innovation and expertise to the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season model.

goodyear tires

The Mommy Bunch is trying out a set of Goodyear tires, so check her blog for updates!

This giveaway is sponsored by Goodyear Tires and hosted by The Mommy Bunch. Giveaway Overload is not responsible for awarding the prize. Void where prohibited.

Ends July 25, 2014
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Leccare Lollipops $50 Giveaway

Etsy shop Leccare Lollipops specializes in creating beautiful works of flavorful art in each handmade lollipop. They also specialize in Weddings and other custom and bulk orders. What makes them special is the quality and flavors that go into their creations. They have unique flavors such as Sweet Honey and Rose, Watermelon and Pink Peppercorn, Pear and Ginger, Cherry Basil and more.
In celebration of National Lollipop Day we're bringing you this fun giveaway! Leccare Lollipops is giving away a $50 code to their Etsy shop until 7/20/14!
They also make flavored sugar. Some of the flavors include Sweet Sriracha, Sugar and Spice, Mexican Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel.
leccare gift certificate no code
To celebrate the summer events like garden tea parties, weddings and baby showers, Leccare Lollipops is giving away a $50 gift certificate to their shop. This is more than enough to get a generous sampling of the beautiful goodness that you will taste in these gourmet treats.
Enter on the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.

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What event would be fun to cater with specialty gourmet lollipops?

*All participating bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. Leccare Lollipops will redeem the prize once a winner is verified and chosen by Jenny at dapperhouse. Please play fair as we do validate giveaway entries. Must be 18 years old or older to win where lawful. Any social media platforms mentioned in this giveaway are not involved with this giveaway.

American Flag Craft for Kids

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Oriental Trading Shipping

Looking for a last minute idea for a great Fourth of July craft for the kids? I’ve got just the thing. Needing something festive for my children to make while keeping the mess at a minimum I decided to help them make their own patriotic flags.

I went to Oriental Trading to find a fun craft. I wanted something a little different from the Father’s Day craft we did last year. Of course we still have to involve stickers, but on a lesser scale.

Your kids will love this fun American Flag craft! Help them show their patriotism with these DIY flags just in time for the 4th of July!

I felt that fabric markers, stickers, and glitter glue were daring enough while not committing my home to a forever mess. Note to self: glitter stickers should only be used in a designated craft area or outside. Glitter stickers are shockingly abundant in glitter. Also, a 6 year old is more trustworthy with glitter stickers than are 16 year old girls.

Speaking of 16 year old girls, my Sunday School class also had fun with the flags. While camera-shy, they enjoyed putting their own red, white, and blue spin on their flags. And the glitter of course. One of my favorite things is to watch someone’s personality come out in their crafting.

Your kids will love this fun American Flag craft! Help them show their patriotism with these DIY flags just in time for the 4th of July! Your kids will love this fun American Flag craft! Help them show their patriotism with these DIY flags just in time for the 4th of July!


This craft seemed to be a little much for my almost 4 year old, but it was perfect for my 6 year old. The flags are completely blank, and kids that like to color as opposed to draw might not like that as much. However, it does leave open the possibility for many different kinds of projects. The box of markers comes with 80 markers in 8 different colors. The glitter glue comes in 8 bottles of varying patriotic colors. The stickers were a hit, but left quite a bit of glitter behind.


My 6 year old is immensely proud of his first ever American flag craft. He absolutely loves stickers, and it took quite a bit of negotiating to convince him that he shouldn’t cover all of his work with them. The flags are made from nylon and will last as long as he takes care of it. As my kids get older I realize I like crafts that endure.

And I just know you wanted to see more glitter stickers. We will have many fabulous crafting adventures to come I am sure. What else could they be with such stickers as these?

Your kids will love this fun American Flag craft! Help them show their patriotism with these DIY flags just in time for the 4th of July!